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Help Wanted: USAPL New Hampshire State Referees

As USAPL New Hampshire continues to grow in membership (we had over 110 members by the end of 2016), so does our need for state referees to officiate at our meets.  The USAPL New Hampshire State Championship held on April 29 is a perfect opportunity to take your referee exam.

The written exam is a 50 question, open USAPL Rule Book test that you can take at the meet. There’s a practical exam that follows the written exam. During this phase of the test, you will sit with an experienced referee and judge 100 different lifts.

You don’t have to be an active powerlifter to become a USAPL state referee. All you need is a passion for the sport, and an ability to understand and enforce USAPL rules.

If you would like more information on how to become a state referee, or if you would like to schedule time to take the test, contact Lizz Smullen at lizzsmullen@gmail.com at least one day prior to the meet.